Thursday, April 5, 2012

racoon, deer, lion, frog, wood fairy, dog

Both Aziza and Kessy came over to play the other day. Snacks were served every 30 mins or so to keep the calm. 

Lil tells me again this morning "Mom, don't look! Don't see me!" as she is squeezing behind the rocking chair.
"Okay, now look!"
"Hey wait! Where did Lili go? hmmm.... she was just here a moment ago.... Oh, there you are, oh no, you aren't Lili are you???"
Lately she has been disappearing behind the chair or more often the shower to shape shift like superman in his phone-booth. This time she come crawling out from behind the chair on all fours. She shakes her head no at my question with a lopsided grin. She is unquestionably happy that I am playing along.
"My name is Coco Rosy-Bella and I am a raccoon."
"Why hello Coco Rosy-Bella I am so happy to meet you."

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