Sunday, April 22, 2012

It was a soggy weekend here, and tonight they are calling for some snowshowers! I hope our baby plants survive! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

painting on cardboard

The kids have embraced Spring fully by disrobing whenever I am not looking. Well, actually that is Lili. Seo will stay in whatever you put him in, but he is happiest in the buff. A bonus to him being naked is that he has control over his pee now. He always goes outside or on the potty. #2 he hasn't mastered quite yet (and yes that is unfortunate, somewhere in the yard is a loose poop from today... oops).

Today Lili informed me that it was backwards day. So if she said "I am not going to get dressed" that meant the opposite. It was quite confusing! But it was awesome to see the wheels in her head turning about how to phase things.

Seo went in for his two year check-up today. All looks good. He is 30.5 inches high. He only let them touch him if Lili took a pretend turn first. He idolizes here and will do almost anything she does. :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

seo talks

The subtleties of Seo's language right now is hard to capture. He is certainly on the later end of the talking scale, and yet he communicates and talks in his own way, in his own time. Yesterday I asked him if he wanted to read a book and he said "na yaht" which meant "not yet" and Alex and I both burst out laughing. Anytime his strings two words together it is a treat. He is saying "yes" more than "Yah" lately, although he says "Yessssh". Here are some other ones:
Tron = Ron
David = Da-Did
all done = ahhh daa
lili = eeee yeee
hungry = hungeee
water= wa
becca - bock-ca
tree- reee
flower = (sign) sniff sniff

a small list of words he says without prompting (off the top of my head)
thank you

I will add more tomorrow. I am nodding off as I write...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 the kids! Banyan, Soleil, Noah, Nimuae, Salome, Heron, Eliseo, Mullien, Kestrel, Eli, Ella, Lilikoi, Willow, Gita, Aziza, Jeremiah
 Lil is growing out her hair & bangs. 
 Seo and his friend Heron (who is two months older)

 Ella and Lilikoi
 Salome, Ella, Lilikoi, Willow
he knew what to do.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

racoon, deer, lion, frog, wood fairy, dog

Both Aziza and Kessy came over to play the other day. Snacks were served every 30 mins or so to keep the calm. 

Lil tells me again this morning "Mom, don't look! Don't see me!" as she is squeezing behind the rocking chair.
"Okay, now look!"
"Hey wait! Where did Lili go? hmmm.... she was just here a moment ago.... Oh, there you are, oh no, you aren't Lili are you???"
Lately she has been disappearing behind the chair or more often the shower to shape shift like superman in his phone-booth. This time she come crawling out from behind the chair on all fours. She shakes her head no at my question with a lopsided grin. She is unquestionably happy that I am playing along.
"My name is Coco Rosy-Bella and I am a raccoon."
"Why hello Coco Rosy-Bella I am so happy to meet you."