Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lili's photo shoot

An early morning secretive photo shoot by Lili.
 Class Update:
"Today was full of smiles as we enjoyed the beautiful weather and spent lots of time soaking up the sunshine! We collected nasturtium flowers and used then to both add color and flavor to our cream cheese for snack and we travelled back in time to ancient Greece where we played checkers - did you know they played checkers?!? We also enjoyed another of Aesop's fables - The City Mouse and the Country Mouse."

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lili catching a fish with her bare hands

The fish did live in the end.

Lili's class summery from today:

"We enjoyed such a beautiful day at the farm today! Our day was based on the story of The Robber in the Old Orchard - complete with story time in our our old orchard, searching for birds that make their home at the farm, pretending to be birds and make a nest, and having eggs for snack. We also had fun during music and watercolor painting a picture that we will use for a project in October."

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moon Fairy Goddess (from the LAAFF festival earlier this month)

Notes from her class, Wednesday, Sept. 19th:
"We had a busy day today complete with a journey to Greece! While we visited Greece we talked about the first Olympics, participated in a mini-pentathlon, looked at olive trees, and heard the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. We also heard the version of The Wolf Who Cried Boy! We added a second form to our form drawing book - the curve and created a story picture out of the letter B. Our sound sentence was: Spin thin tin in the bin. Try saying that three times fast!
We had a lot of fun and enjoyed a beautiful day at the farm!"

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

lili classes

After each class Lili's instructor at her classes sends out a little email about some of the things they did for the day. It is nice to read and I thought the rest of the family might enjoy the updates on her class adventures. It is such a great place!

DAY 2: "We had a great day in class today - beautiful weather, happy kids, and lots of fun!  We started off with a group circle time with poems and movements, then fed the animals and ourselves - making a yummy spiced apple snack!  We also explored the farm and had fun playing together.  We began our form drawing book and worked with a first form.  Finally, each week we will be playing a word game with words in the same word family.  This weeks' sentence was:  he forbid the kid to get rid of the squid.  At my house, we are going to write the sentence and illustrate it tomorrow for practice with handwriting and word endings.
I hope your child had a great day and I look forward to next week!"

DAY 3:
"Have you ever give much thought to the growing of popcorn? We decided to grow popcorn this year and we harvested it last week. This week, examined some popcorn still on the cob and made popcorn for snack. We also, read a story about a corn seed thief, collected a variety of seeds, and made a scarecrow! I don't know how we fit all of that into one rainy day, but we did!"

Friday, September 14, 2012

Papa Dane and Amy news

 "Hey Mom"
"Look at this pirate booty*, it is as silly as Papa Dane! Haaaa haaaa haaaaa"

"Seo, what is your doll's name?"

*Pirate booty: a puffed corn junk food

Thursday, September 6, 2012

spider + vole

On the family front, both kids got bitten by a small vole today. They were both crying hysterically in the driveway claiming they had been bitten by a rat. After inspecting both of their upturned hands it was apparent that something with two little front teeth had bitten them indeed. It turns out (after some investigating and interrogation) that the vole is not rabid, the kids were just "helping" the cat catch it.  Alex killed with a stick so we could inspect it. The whole experience was bizzare and a little scary b/c we couldn't figure out what was going on or if we should be scared. I hope the kids learned a big lesson about touching wild animals!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lili hoola hooping!

We had a talk this morning about the difference between telling a lie and telling a joke. I gave the example of me asking her if she hit her brother and she says no, and then when I re-question her about it she says "Just joking" ~ that isn't really a joke. That is more of a lie.
So she was processing the difference and her response was this:
"Okay. So, I could say trees talk... just joking! Or, the sun goes around the earth.... Just joking! Or, trees have eyebrows... Just joking!"