Thursday, May 24, 2012


More photos of Alex and Eliseo watching the parade at LEAF.

This week we signed Lil up for "preschool" starting in Sept.  There are no public or free preschool programs here, but we found this amazing program only 20 mins. from our house. I think she is going to LOVE it. She has been asking to go to school all year because she sees so many of her friends go. We also signed her up for a week of camp there as well. Here is the link if you want to check it out! 

Monday, May 7, 2012


A video of the tail end of a "show" from the kids. It really is too bad I didn't catch the beginning of this episode because it was truly funny! At least you can get a sense of it from this...

Basically a jog down the incline with hands over head, some spins on the blanket, and an expectation that the audience (me and Alex) claps at the end. You can see that Seo is following suit. Seo has been calling Lili "Whyyy" and he copies everything she does (including painted fingers, toes, and barrettes). He really looks up to her.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

cousin love

 bigger cousin reading cat in the hat in the playground to lil and kessie while seo plays in the sandbox.