Wednesday, August 29, 2012

He is loving this book about chickens and eggs this week (Henrietta's Little Red Hen)

Monday, August 27, 2012

meet & greet at the farm school

I borrowed these photos from a new friends facebook page. Photos of the little ones at the meet & greet at the home school enrichment program we will be sending Lili to a couple days a week. I feel really lucky to have found such an amazing place so close to our home, it is less than a 20 min drive! Today we met some other families, visited with the farm's animals, checked out the inside classroom yurt, and made hand churned ice cream.
Lili already has made some friends, she took her picnic lunch away from our picnic blanket to go sit with them. :)  I think this is just the type of place where she will flourish.
Seo is truly a farm/nature boy at heart too. He could watch a chicken sitting laying an egg for half an hour and be mesmerized. I had to drag him crying out of the animal area at the farm today.
Classes start in two weeks for Lili!