Thursday, September 6, 2012

spider + vole

On the family front, both kids got bitten by a small vole today. They were both crying hysterically in the driveway claiming they had been bitten by a rat. After inspecting both of their upturned hands it was apparent that something with two little front teeth had bitten them indeed. It turns out (after some investigating and interrogation) that the vole is not rabid, the kids were just "helping" the cat catch it.  Alex killed with a stick so we could inspect it. The whole experience was bizzare and a little scary b/c we couldn't figure out what was going on or if we should be scared. I hope the kids learned a big lesson about touching wild animals!

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  1. Wow busy animal day! Glad the vole was not rabid! Scary! I love hearing little Seo's voice...he sounds so much like Eliza. And Lili's "sorry" in this video and the last, Corbin does that you guys!


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