Sunday, October 28, 2012


 I tried to bribe Seo with a lolipop (and Gita and Lil each got one too of course) while I cut his hair. It did not go over well. He still was unhappy with me as I tried to snip away, and then hair kept getting stuck on his lolipop. *sigh*
Once again I did quite a hack job due to the difficult working conditions. I am sad to say that the next time he needs a cut it might be with the shaver since there is no way I would subject a barber to what I went through!
(you can see what a gorgeous morning we had!)

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  1. I fully support the lollipop bribe, but you did it wrong. You can't give the bribe before the thing you're bribing for. And, don't give kids a sticky lolli when there is hair floating in the air.

    Got it? Next time should be a success.


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