Friday, February 17, 2012

watching dad leave for work

A miraculous thing has happened this past month. Lil has started eating like a champ. Her food finickiness had been steadily growing until all of a sudden she made a huge switch. What was the big change you ask?
Simply telling her why it was good for her, and what the good food does. When she is eating chowing down now she will look over at us and give us the Popeye muscles while she is nodding her head. I am in heaven.
It might come back to bite us though. For the other day the kids were up on the couch watching Alex drive away to work. When his car rounded the curve out of sight Lili exclaimed "But I can't see him anymore! I don't know why, I have been eating my carrots!"

Seo is getting in on the action too. Not to be outdone by Lil's gigantic bites (which get lots of ooohs and ahhhs) he will competitively try to shove food in his mouth too.  We may be raising kids who expect to be applauded for every bite of broccoli they eat, who knows. but I don't care at this point. :)

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